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California Tenant Rights 
(35 Years Experience)

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For over 35 years, Franklin Radoff has successfully represented thousands of clients with a wide variety 
of legal issues. (

Mr. Radoff will represent and defend you in your eviction matter.
Call and Speak directly to Mr. Radoff regarding his fees and costs at: (800) 595-2948.  
Mr. Radoff will appear in court to defend you in the following counties
Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, 
Riverside County, Santa Barbara County, and Kern County

Mr. Radoff's Services:

Need to file an answer to your landlord's Unlawful Detainer suit?

Mr. Radoff charges $250.00 to prepare your answer. (Court filing fees are not included) Just call Mr. Radoff's office for assistance. Remember, you only have 5 days from the date you were personally served, counting weekends and holidays, in which you file your answer in a timely manner or you will be in default which will allow your landlord to obtain a judgment against you. This will have an adverse effect on your credit and ability to lease a new residence.

Last minute (same day) preparation & filing of your answer to the landlords unlawful detainer action is our specialty. Protect your credit and U.D. Registrar Listing. Prices start at $250 including legal advice.

Lawyer's Letter 
Have A Dispute? Send a "Lawyers Letter" and attempt to resolve the matter quickly. For just $49.95 Mr. Radoff will send a customized letter to fit the facts of your problem to the other side... showing them you mean business! 
Click here] for more information.

Send a targeted letter from an attorney with over 30 years experience in California law to address any issue that you might have.

Filing Small Claims 
Mr. Radoff has been practicing California Law for over 30 years and is a retired California Certified Superior and Small Claims Court Judge Pro-Tem who has served in Small Claims Court on a voluntary basis for over 20 years.

Don't wait until the landlord files suit!  
His 3 days notice expires or until you lose your rights. Call now and speak directly to Mr. Radoff. (800) 595-2948. Mr. Radoff charges $49.95 per call charged to your bank or credit card. Weekend and Evening Consultation starting at $75.00. Please have your credit card, pen and paper ready when you call.

If you are a tenant and you win your eviction suit against the landlord you have the right to sue for damages.
Contact Mr. Radoff for more information. 800-595-2948

Remember:  Unlawful Detainer and Money Judgments entered against you will appear on your credit reports and usually remain on your report for 7-10 years. This will effect your future ability to lease another property and your credit. Call Mr. Radoff's office and protect your rights!

If your landlord obtains a judgment or files suit against you and the U.D. Registry or a credit reporting agency finds this they will add your name or place negative information under your name preventing you from obtaining a new lease. A dispute with your landlord is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. (800) 595-2948.

Low Cost Legal Services
Paralegal and low cost document services. Mr. Radoff's offers many other low-cost legal services to assist you More Info

New Laws Explanations of new laws regarding tenet/landlord issues in the stat of California.

Landlord/Tenant New Laws more clarification on these laws.

Security Deposits
Mr. Radoff suggests that the fasted way to obtain your security deposit refund is to send your landlord a "Lawyer's Letter"

Find your landlord  
You may do it yourself by checking the records of your local tax assessors or county recorders office.

There is no charge to ask Mr. Radoff about his services.


Phone: (800) 595 2948     

California Tenant Rights 
(35 Years Experience)

CALL NOW! 1-800-595-2948


The Law Offices of Franklin Radoff
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Phone: (800) 595 2948

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