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Get Real Advice From A Lawyer With 30+ Years Experience!
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Welcome to the Law Offices of Franklin Radoff. (bio)  Mr. Radoff has over 30 years experience and has assisted over 25,000 satisfied clients on and offline.

Immediate answers to your legal questions is just a phone call away!

Don't wait until the landlord files suit!  His 3 days notice expires or until you loose your rights. Call now and speak directly to Mr. Radoff. (800) 595-2948. Mr. Radoff charges $39.95 per call charged to your bank or credit card. Please have your credit card, pen and paper ready when you call.

Need to file an answer to your landlord's Unlawful Detainer suit?  Mr. Radoff charges $125 to prepare your answer. (Court filing fees are not included) Just call Mr. Radoff's office for assistance. Remember, you only have 5 days from the date you were personally served, not counting a weekend or holiday, in which you file your answer in a timely manner or you will be in default which will allow your landlord to obtain a judgement against you. This will have an adverse effect on your credit and ability to lease a new residence.

Last minute (same day) preparation & filing of your answer to the landlords unlawful detainer action is our specialty. Protect your credit and U.D. Registrar Listing. Prices start at $150 including legal advice.

Remember:  Unlawful Detainer and Money Judgments entered against you will appear on your credit reports and usually remain on your report for 7-10 years. This will effect your future ability to lease another property and your credit. Call Mr. Radoff's office and protect your rights!

If your landlord obtains a judgment or files suit against you and the U.D. Registry or a credit reporting agency finds this they will add your name or place negative information under your name preventing you from obtaining a new lease. A dispute with your landlord is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. (800) 595-2948.

Want to file an answer yourself?  Do-It-Yourself "Answer Kit"  more info...

Resolve Your Dispute With A Customized Legal Letter:  
Mr. Radoff also provides the "Lawyer's Letter" service, sending his customized letter to assist you in resolving your disputes or legal issues 
more info...

Budget Legal Services:   Mr. Radoff's offers many other low-cost legal services to assist you  more info...

Find your landlord:  You may do it yourself by checking the records of your local tax assessors or county recorders office.



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Get Real Advice From A Lawyer With 30+ Years Experience!
CALL NOW!  1-800-595-2948


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